Seafood Products

Trans-Global Products, Inc. specializes in crabmeat and a variety of frozen seafood products from across the world.  We certify that we are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and that we operate under a program of proper standard sanitation operating procedures. We guarantee that the seafood we supply to your company complies with current good manufacturing practices and is in compliance with the FDA guidelines for HACCP.

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- Commitment To -

Quality and Sustainability

Established in 1982, Trans-Global Products, Inc. has built a strong reputation in the wholesale seafood industry by consistently meeting customer needs while upholding high quality standards for all of our seafood products. Looking towards the future, Trans-Global Products, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the future of our industry and our oceans and supports the sustainable sourcing of seafood.

Trans-Global Crabmeat


Our premium crabmeat is perfect for any dining occasion. Because our crabmeat is fully cooked it can be consumed directly out of the can or used as a delicious ingredient in appetizers, soups, salads, or entrees.

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Trans_Global Frozen Fish Products

Frozen Fish

Upon request, we have the ability to import a variety of frozen fish. We only import 100% Net Weight frozen fish.

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Trans-Global Mullet Roe - Porthole

Mullet Roe

Our premium mullet roe is packed for the export to Taiwan, Europe, and other countries. Mullet (Mugil cephalis) is caught in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico from November through January. We also have gutted and whole mullet available for sale.

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Trans-Global Shrimp


Our buyers are shrimp industry experts that only bring in the highest quality product. Along with our own Trans-Global brand product, we also pack private labels for our customers. Please call us for details.

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